Heather Mae is known for promoting strong women in the industry, so she reached out to 13 year old Morgan Gullett with whom she had previously worked, and played “Smoke Signals” on the ukulele for her.  Gullett loved the song and told Mae she wanted to create a music video concept that would embrace Mae’s lyrics, music and message but, with her own creative twist.  And that is how this music video was born …

Gullett created the concept of a young girl who navigates her way through a forest which represents life's journey full of obstacles, dangers and moments of feeling very lost.  The young girl gets dirty, disheveled, cut and scraped on her journey but the words of support from her mom which are heard during the flashbacks (Mae’s actual mother’s voice) are a source of strength and inspiration for the young girl to persevere on her journey.  The young girl emerges as an independent and strong woman whose scars, while still visible, have healed and faded.  She can move forward one step and one day at a time, with hope and support. 

Gullett thrives off of creating unique concepts for film and being a part of the evolution of her idea.  In fact, the last short film Gullett created and cast which was released in 2018, won multiple film festival awards!  After Gullett selected her Director (Ludowese) and Producer (Svatos) in May, they began their search for the perfect crew and cast, (Gullett’s nationwide casting call brought in more than 660 actor submissions).  In early September, cast and crew flew from all around the country to film “Smoke Signals” in Northern Virginia.  

When asked what’s next, Gullett replied, “Finishing 8th grade, high school then college but with many film projects in between!  One of my proof-of-concept shorts is being reviewed over at Lifetime Television, which is very cool! I’m working on a MOTW screenplay and I’ve already started working on my next project which I plan to film in 2020.  I will work with crowdfunding on this next one, so if you are reading this…” she replied with a coy smile.

"I love our film family! I think we have made something
beautiful with a powerful message"

- Morgan Gullett about “Smoke Signals” music video

April 2019 - Concept discussion (Morgan and Heather)

May 2019 - First casting session

July 2019 - Audition requests

August 2019 - Creative meeting with Svatos (Producer), Ludowese (Director) and Gullett (Creative Producer)

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